Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Break FREE Part 1--MADINAH

Masanya sudah tiba utk bertemu org2 tercinta!! Tiba di Queen Alia Int Airport kul 2pm. Masa ni tgh tgu aunty azza yg sampai 3jam lepas my flight landed. So takde keje, snap la gambo tiket to JEDDAH. Masa ni tgh contemplating nak beli VISA ke tak coz kalau tak menanguk le dlm airport tuh for 7jam coz rombongan cik kiah sampai airport kul 10pm.

Bila jumpe aunty azza jer, die ckp..jom kite bgi mama n baba a surprise.Nasib baik visa kat jordan ni tak mahal.dlm JD 10 = RM 50 la.Dpt 1 month visa..kira murah la tuh kan. So dgn pertolongan Waheed, kami dpt naik shuttle ke Golden Tulip. Perjalanan tuh dlm 5mins je.Dekat je hotel tu ngan airport.

Dan setibanya di hotel tersebut, kami tak tau nombor bilik my mum n dad..dah la 2-2 hp dah mati.takde roaming..Atas pertolongan Khaleed (Si receptionist), aku tak perlu nak book bilik..sepatutnye aku tak dpt coz naik Jazeera Airways bukan RJ from Bahrain. Tp dpt la tumpang bilik aunty azza...

Kebtulan lak masa tuh dak Nora dan Aunty zaa turun kat lobby.Haa dapat jumpe sedara klebang besar ku! Trus tanye bilik baba n mama..ehhehe ..then jeng jeng jeng..trus kami ke bilik Hj Aziz dan Hjh Shariffah!

Mama mmg surprised tgk anak die berdiri depan pintu hotel tuh..tp die ckp, die dah ble agak confirm kami berdua ni akan dtg hotel secara senyap2. Naluri seorg ibu kan...Then lama gak la borak2 ngan my parents..terubat rindu..Aunty azza dah kuar frm bilik tuh coz nak jumpe sedara lain. Tp aku masih melepak di bilik mama dan baba.Borak2..n mama ckp i look tanned!!hahaha then dieorg ada la ckp pasal org ada kata kedtgn aku ke bumi Bahrain ni mcm terlalu awal..should stay in Msia and keje overseas..mase tuh leh dpt bigger position n gaji pon lagi mantap. Tp takpela...they know that i come here for working exposure..n insyaAllah 1-2 yrs lagi, balik la aku ke tanah air tercinta :)

Then lepas tuh, aku bergerak ke bilik nek long.Nenek sedara ku ni selalu masak2 sedap tuk aku...ada daging dendeng..kuih koci..aish terubat rindu kat Msia!

Lepas tuh ..ktorg g turun makan kat cafetaria..Jumpe la sedara mara semua..BEST!makan2 then balik bilik utk mandi dan tido.seharian berjln (Er naik plane jer)..then pukul 10mlm ..kami dikejutkan utk bersiap2 ke Queen Alia International Airport..yEAY..masanye telah tiba utk kami bergerak ke Jeddah...dan seterusnya ke Madinah..

Ya Rasullullah S.A.W, Saidina Abu Bakar A.S dan Umar Al-Khattab, kami datang utk menziarahi makammu..Masjidil Nabawi, akan ku berkunjung dan menunaikan ibadahku disana sekali lagi.Selepas 7 thn, aku kini kembali!

Flight dari Amman ke Jeddah hanya memakan masa selama 2 jam dan perjalanan dari Jeddah ke Madinah memakan masa selama 5 jam. Pada pukul 12 tghari, kami tiba di Madinah.Sebaik sahaja masuk di Madinah..tersegam indah Masjid Nabawi. Rasa cinta dan rindu tak terkata sebaik sahaja aku melihat mimbar Masjid Nabawi..tempat persemadian Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Alhamdlh, aku datang sekali lagi melawatmu dan rakan2mu ....

Alhamdlh, hotel penginapan kami (Al-Fayrouz) hanya mengambil selama 2-3 minit ke Masjid Nabawi. Tersgtlah dekat.
Selama penginapan kami di sana, jangan ckp la pasal makanan..at last, aku dapat makan nasi lemak utk sarapan pagi.Heaven teramat..sama la ngan aunty azza. Org Msia yg lain relax jer..kami mcm..omg bestnye..sampai makan kalau pinggan tak licin.. tak sah!hahah.org ckp elakkan pembaziran.
Kami menetap di Madinah selama 4 hari 3 mlm..Malam kedua kami berkunjung ke Makam Rasullulah S.A.W. Alhamdlh, dengan izin Allah SWT aku dapat mengerjakan solat di barisan hadapan di Raudhah..iaitu taman syurga.
Sekecil2 hambamu ini, KAU perkenankan jua doa ku ya ALLAH...alhamdlh.
Esoknye kami ke Masjid Quba, Ladang Kurma dan Pasar Kurma. Memandangkan masa mencemburi kami, kami hanya dapat melihat Masjidi Qiblataini dari bas.

And so the adventure begins

4TH JAN 2010- was the day i left Malaysia and flew to Bahrain via Gulf Air. I thought that the journey would be fun and having an overseas exposure on my cv is what i always want to do.

After being in Bahrain for few months, i felt homesick terribly. Miss my parents and friends a lot..Apr 2010-May 2010 were the most crucial time for me as at that point of time, all i can think about was to give a love letter.

Many things happened during the period...met new people as well as 'kena kacau with jiran' (tak boleh mentioned this in English coz die stalk my blog tuh)...

Alhamdlh, on May 2010, my parents told me that they are going for Umrah and asked whether do i want to join them or not...Of course the answer is YES!!

So on 8TH JUNE-20TH JUNE...off i go to perform Umrah and Alhamdlh, m more calm and as for my jiran tuh, mmg dah tak pedulik dah. Agaknye doa pon makbul jugak kot.Die pon dah stop frm kacau me..GOOD!!!It's really sickening bile org tak paham bahse ni..letih dibuatnye..

Okayla sekadar sini saja nukilan hati kecilku ini..rasa nak post in BM la..so tat takde org yg tak berkenaan bace my blog ni..taaaaa

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mi birthday presenttttsssssss

23RD DEC 2009, 5.16AM:

Woke up in the morning and i feel nothing special.Although it's my birthday today,age numbers is no longer become a best friend of mine!

Being 27 and still single can be really heartache but I know that ALLAH SWT has plans for me and he show me the path to pursue my dreams.Alhamdulilah for that..

And yes, starting from today, I'm officially become an unemployed people!hahaha.Yesterday was my last day with the company and Insyallah, next week I'm going to pursue my dreams in BAHRAIN.

Cant wait for them to email me the e-ticket and off we go to Bahrain!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

In dilemma

This is not a favourite song of mine but it explains the situation i'm currently facing.

It has been 3 weeks i've worked with this company.It's a GLC and the colleagues are nice and warm.However, i don't really like the working culture whereby 'kuasa veto' diamalkan and maybe i might new to this office politics. I felt like throwing up when my immediate boss has asked me to do write up which was a proposal in BM and the sources were all in english. I also had to sleep at 5am on Saturday just because he wanted to review the paper on Sunday morning.

For the past few weeks, lots of calls for interviews came in n i;ve rejected to attend it.Until the company whom i really really want to work called me up.At first, i have turned down the offer as at that time, i was thinking that i should continue working with this GLC coz i can learn something new.But the HR insisted me to come as they said this opportunity doesn't comes twice.If i rejected the offer, they couldn't guaranteed when can i be shortlisted again.Oh ya, this company actually has offerred me a conditional offer letter when i was in London and i did pass my papers because i really really wanted to work with them..Now u can imagine, how passion and enthusiasm am i to the company.Of course m going to accept the offer.

So i went for the interview and i knew i've nailed it very very well. Before that, in the morning, 2 colleagues of mine told me that the write ups that i;m doing might be the tasks i'm going to do. As CF arm will separate into 2 which is 1-crunching numbers and 2-reporting. I was so disappointed and it makes me want leave the company so badly.

Later on, in the evening, i have received a call from that company and alhamdullilah i;ve nailed the job.The benefits has really captured my heart.It was a happy day for me..

The nightmare beguns when i took MC the next day.I was sicked ..and all of the colleagues including my bad mouth immediate boss thought that i went for an interview.So on Friday, when i come to office, i started to receive all this annoying question.After the staff meeting, i was called to meet my deputy ceo.A very emotional n unprofessional boss i would say.

She was disappointed and the first thing that came out from her mouth was

Boss:'Asyura, are u looking for a job behind my back?Please be honest with me.I have lots of friends n good networks in the market, if u lied, i tak teragak2 nak bagi u bad recommendation to people out there and what u did to us is not fair'.U took mc yesterday and i know you went for an interview.

I had no choice rather than tell her the truth...

Me:' For god sake, I WAS SICKED YESTERDAY.In fact, i got an MC today but since i'm feeling much better now, i come to work today.To be frank, I didn't look for a job. They were the one who contacted me back and offered me the job. And Yes, i've got another offer. This company actually offered me when i was in London and they were the one who drives me to pass my papers. But when i came home, they didn't contact me so i thought i don't have any hopes with them. That's why i applied for your company and alhamdulilah u guys hired me.

Boss: Then why didn't u tell me that u've been KIV when i interviewed you?takkan la because of few hundreds u want to leave?Where are u going?

me: It;s not the pay that i;m looking..it;s the benefits and i wont tell you where i;m going until it's really confirmed.But my passions mmg in that industry.

Boss: <span style="font-style:italic;">if that;s what u want, then i couldn;t do anything.If you want to learn new things, yes this is the place. I will guide u but if ur heart is no longer here. I couldnt anything.So wat's ur plan? U shld tell me earlier because i can rearrange for other people to handle the projects.

Me:Yes, i understand. It's a project based job description.Mmg i plan nak inform u but since it's still grey area..i tak nak inform lagi.once i get the green light from them which apparently the approval from the directors, i will tender and give 2 weeks notice immediately.

Boss: So when can they give u the feedback?I dont thnk u have to serve 2 weeks notice.Once u are confirm to leave, u can give 24hrs notice.tell that to HR.

Me: Insyallh by next week.

Boss: So wat happens if no respond from them by next week?

Me: I'm staying.

Boss: Okay, and if m back from australia and u're still around. Dont ever think of leaving the company again. You can go now.


Another dilemma...finally i have received an offer letter from the middle east Big 4 and i need to discuss few things with them as m worried that the accommodation might eat up my salary...
My uncle, aunty n close fren who is Manchester really support me to go to the middle east as it has always been my dreams to learn about islamic finance, islamic accouting and full adoption of IFRS.

As usual, there are other people who against it.Even my parents asked me to stay n work for my dream employer...

m so clueless..and i dont want to make d wrong decision in my life!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Yeay..big bucks are coming in babeh!

Alhamdlh,finally m being hired!
I went for an interview on 3rd Nov..even though the deputy CEO was keen to take me in,i didn't put any high hope as they didn't communicate with me for the past 2 weeks. I thought the chance that i might got has been thrown to drain.

Then, a friend of my friend told me that a big 4 in middle east is currently looking for a qualified chartered acc10 and yes i did send my resume. To my surprise, while i was waiting for my 2nd movie to watch last Monday, i received a call from a director from that Big 4 middle east firm. It was smooth...and the next day, HR called me.

M yet to receive another call that pertains to the technical quests on IFRS which most probably will be conducted after Eid Adha. But, based on the first 2 conversations that i had with this director, it was very convincing..n i do hope that i can get this chance!I might say gdbye to Msia for the second time!

On Thurs, i received another call from a company which i've attended the interview on 3rd Nov.Yes, they are offering me the job and i need to come to their office to do some computer assessment on Friday.

Guess what, the assessments were challenging. I didn't say that it was tough. But I did well..They have 2 case studies which i need to analyse the data and presented in 3 slides for CEO to review. Then i have to write a short essay abt my expectation with that co, what i can deliver and how my experiences related to it.

Oh ya, i've also met my EXPwC colleague there. She has been there for the past 9 months and she told me that, i was the only one who managed to get into their CF dept. There will be only 2 of us in the department! Gosh!

Oh this CF job scope is not similar to banks, so basically what they do are they work closely with the external auditors on potential JVs, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Well, if i didn't get any calls from that BIG 4, m gonna say goodbye to IFRS then..:)

10 mins later, i received a phone call from HR and yes, i got through! Gonna start work on Monday! Yes..and i feel bliss as the distance from offc to my house takes only 10mins!

Wish me luck

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Being a single 27 years old highly educated chic, you will be in the lime light at wedding receptions ( be it your friend’s or relative’s wedding occasion). All these kepochi pakciks and makciks will start asking your parents and the possible questions are:

‘ Eh, Dah besar eh anak dara kau, bile nak makan nasi minyak ni’.
‘Wah, lawa anak dara kau ni, dah ada orang ker?Belaja pandai-pandai, takkanlah tak pandai cari bf’
‘Oh, ni mesti memilih ini. Janganlah memilih, nanti tak kahwin kau. Jangan jual mahal sangat, nanti terus tak laku’

Berdesing jugaklah telinga kalau dengar soalan-soalan macam ini. But, there is nothing much that you can do. You don’t have the power to satisfy everybody. And I do believe that my parents also feel the pressure when people start interrogating them like a suspect for murder.

I know that in life, you wouldn’t be getting things that you’ve been dreaming of. Anyway, it isn't bad to be SINGLE. I enjoyed being single, able to live as free as a bird and able to flirt with any guys that I want. When I meet my ex-schoolmates who have little midget in their stomach and holding 2 munchkins both left and right, it triggers me how blissful I am for not being married.
And yes, I do want to get married but it’s not the right time for me yet. God knows what’s good and bad for me and I leave everything to him. Furthermore, I haven’t met my MR RIGHT yet. Sometimes, I think I’m already married to my parents, my life and career (soon to be).

I’m about to attend wedding reception this Sunday. I can’t escape! It’s my cousin wedding and thank GOD, I’m no longer become bunga telur girl. Another stressful day to go through..I better polish my armour . 

~Wedding bells~

It's not that i'm getting married soon, it just something that came to my mind before i dozed off to bed last night. I don't think that my time will come soon and this is because i don't even have somebody special at this moment.Definitely, you won't be getting any wedding invitations from me anytime soon.ahhahaha

Oh, school holiday is just around the corner and YES, i did received lOTS of wedding invitations..Actually, m sicked of attending wedding invitations anymore. I guess at this age, wherever you go, u will be asked when is your turn to get hitch?

Yah, i know, this is disastrous for me, 27 single and brainy chic!ahaks.

Nway, for those who are going to get married soon..here are some tips for you:

1.Budget (Inclusive hantaran, dewan makan, catering, bilik pengantin..etc)
2.Your wedding theme
3.Create a guest list
4.Door gifts
5.House hunting
6.Honeymoon destination (After all the busy period and hard work, it would be perfect to spend with your soulmate at a romantic, breath-taking view place and have ur peace of mind)

I think that;s all that i can think off..

alive - j lo

alive - j lo

Soul Therapy..

Time goes slowly

now in my life

Fear no more of what I'm not sure

Searching for your soul

The strength to stand alone

the power of not knowing and letting go

I guess I've found my way it's simple when its right

Feeling lucky just to be here tonight

And happy just be me and be alive.

Love, in and out, of my heart,

And though life can be strange I can't be afraid

Searching for your soul, the strength to stand alone,

The power of not knowing and letting go

I guess I've found my way it's simple when it's right

Feeling lucky just to be here tonight

And happy just to be me and be alive

I guess I've found my way it's simple when its right

Feeling lucky just to be here tonight and

Happy just to be me and to be alive.